Here’s Why You Need To Know About SuperCBDx

SuperCBDx heronew Heres Why You Need To Know About SuperCBDx

If you live in the right place, getting high-CBD, low-THC herb or oils isn’t too hard – unless you want to grow your own. Breeders and growers are still pretty stingy with cuts from strains like Harlequin, and commercial seed producers are just starting to stabilize genetics with anything more than a 1:1 CBD to THC ratio. Basically, if you wanted to grow your own medicine for a child or anyone else who either didn’t want or couldn’t tolerate the psychoactivity of even small amounts of THC, you were out of luck – until now.

What is SuperCBDx?

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Enter the SuperCBDx Seed Company. This breeder has managed to stabilize “SuperCBDx“, a new 50% sativa/50% indica blend that consistently produces 17+% CBD with under 1% THC each and every time from seed.

That’s 200% more than the hemp that goes into the “legal” CBD oils you can find online or in head shops and 50% more than any other commercially available cannabis seed on the market today. That is, without a doubt, a true breakthrough for medical marijuana patients all over the world!

The SuperCBDx Seed Company wasn’t started by someone looking for the infamy and attention that often comes with being a known breeder. It was founded on the US West Coast by a cancer survivor and former addict who chooses to simply go by his initials – PJ.

SuperCBDx, cancer fighter

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When PJ found out he had cancer, he read everything he could about all kinds of treatment methods & chose CBD as his preferred medicine, but he didn’t want any kind of psychoactive high because he had fought long and hard for sobriety.

When PJ tried to find a readily available supply of this type of medical marijuana, he was sorely disappointed. It simply wasn’t there.

Once in remission, PJ went on a quest to breed or discover as he puts it, this type of cannabis so that anyone who needs high-CBD, low-THC cannabis seeds can find them and afford them.

He started in 2010, perfected his SuperCBDx strain in 2012, and has been testing for stability and making crosses ever since. It’s particularly suited to oils thanks to an extremely high resin level and a complex terpene profile.

SuperCBDx Seed Company

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Today, PJ’s SuperCBDx Seed Company does not sell pure SuperCBDx because he’s guarding it as a very valuable trade secret, but he has created 30 SuperCBDx hybrids to date that include genetics from world-famous strains including Jack Herer X SCBDX, Blueberry Headband, and Sweet Tooth X SCBDX.

Although SuperCBDX is an American innovation, PJ had to go to Europe to legally sell these medical marijuana seeds globally. If you’d like to give this line a try, they’re available for sale at Rhino Seeds among others.

And, if you choose to make your purchase from Rhino, you could get a deep discount on this gear – at this time, Rhino Seeds is giving 20% off all cannabis seed prices plus 5 extra freebies if you pay with bitcoins.

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