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Saturday, November 23, 2019

How To Have A Dank Thanksgiving

You want to have a Dank Thanksgiving and Bud and Breakfast is here to tell you how. 

Step one to having a Dank Thanksgiving is booking a 420-friendly Bud and Breakfast. With worldwide locations, you’re sure to find one you’d like to vacation at. Swimming pool? Check. Cannabis provided? Check. Thanksgiving dinner? Maybe. If you’ve already committed to dinner with the family, having a nice staycation at home with no travel, do you have everything you need? Are you prepared for political discussions? We all wish for a drama-free holiday, but some relatives, well, you just need a vape pen and edible to tolerate them. Be ready.thanksgiving joint turkey 420 friendly bud and breakfast.

Step two to your 420 friendly Thanksgiving is getting your food on. Are you hosting or are you attending as a guest? Will everyone be eating infused food or are you offering both medicated and non-medicated goodies? If so, be very careful to completely separate the items to prevent any cross contamination. The last thing anyone wants is to be “too high” and even moving spoons from one dish to another, could affect someone. Literally everything can be made infused. Gravy, butter, pies, stuffing, everything and anything you associate with the holiday can be medicated. Have some leftovers? Make a turkey “pot” pie. 

Step three: Enjoy! Get outside, stay inside, Netflix and chill or hiking a hill, take a technology time-out and reconnect with your loved ones. Watch football or the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade with the kids. Play board games. 

Here’s a video from Vice teaching you how to roll the turkey joint. Hint: practice, practice, then puff, puff, and pass it to the left.

What About The Pilgrims? 

Did the Pilgrims bring over cannabis with them? Did the Native Americans already have hemp? No. The boats had hemp sails and hemp ropes but there was no cannabis. The first mention of cannabis appearing in North America was in Jamestown, Virginia in the 1600’s. Take a historical trip, stay at a Bud and Breakfast in Massachusetts or in Washington, DC. Free the weed! 

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