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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Scheer May Put Legalized Cannabis Up in Smoke; if Elected

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer isn’t promising to keep cannabis legal if his party wins the 2019 election.

Instead, he said they’ll scrutinize the rollout of legal pot and go from there.

Scheer has been critical of the rollout of legal cannabis. He said yesterday that the government “rushed” legalization in order to meet an “artificial political deadline.”

He also pointed to concerns among health experts about the minimum age for consumption and the uncertainty around roadside testing for cannabis-related impairment.

The Conservative leader was among those who voted against legalization — despite having admitted to smoking cannabis when he was young.


Speaking of…it appears that most B-C residents who purchased legal cannabis this week…let their keyboards do the ordering online.

Stats from the BC Liquor Distribution Branch says, on Wednesday, there were over nine thousand sales online whereas 805 purchases were rang up at the province’s only physical store in Kamloops.

No explanation why sales slid nearly 70 per cent the day after legalization…resulting in just over 25-hundred online transactions and 521 in-store purchases.

The branch is not releasing the total value of the sales.


Photo Credit: CFJC Today/Chad Klassen

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