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Friday, June 18, 2021

Native Gro Launches, Bringing Cannabis Management Solutions to Native Tribes

As legislation in the country continues to look at conversations around social equity and accessibility in the realm of cannabis business, business solutions are also looking to keep up with the moment.

Native Gro made its debut Monday at the Native American Hemp & Cannabis Conference at Harrah’s Resort in California, according to a release from Newswire; it is a new cannabis grow and retail management enterprise which aims to increase Native American tribe’s opportunities when entering the emerging, legal cannabis industry.

According to their website, “Leveraging over 35 years of experience in convenience store operations, we can offer your tribe a complete management solution from concept to opening and beyond.” It continues, detailing the development and construction phase, in which Native Gro assists with employee hiring and training, vendor contracts, inventory, and development of policies and procedures.

Native Gro was officially established on 4/20, and it leverages the combined experience and expertise of three entities: Violet Gro, an indoor agriculture lighting company; Hyperponic, an integrated vertical grow management; and Sunflower Consulting Group, a partner that specializes in tribal gas stations and convenience stores. The combination of focuses aims to provide the managerial and operational services necessary to create an ideal combination of retail store, cannabis dispensary and indoor grow operation.

“Building on the expertise and experience of each of our partners, Native Gro will seek to partner with Native American tribes looking to enter the cannabis industry,” said Ali McKenzie, COO of Native Gro. 

Native Gro offers tribes interested in growing all or part of the cannabis for their dispensary operation a fully integrated, vertical grow system from Hyperponic. It provides a computer-controlled environment and nutrition management system to give plants an environment to thrive, while also optimizing yields and aiming for maximum savings. They will also leverage technology from Violet Gro, to optimize lighting and plant performance. The aim is to provide all of these services through the one, single entity.

Native Gro will reduce the upfront price of this system by offering it to Native American tribes via a variable cost model.

“Our goal is to assist tribes who want to take advantage of cannabis opportunities without having to do all of the research, labor, and growth operations themselves,” McKenzie added.

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