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Monday, January 21, 2019

WeedMD Inc. and BLOCKStrain Offer Strain Validation

WeedMD Incorporated has teamed up with BLOCKStrain Technology Corporation to offer the very first cannabis strain validation registration program. This program will allow for WeedMD to verify, test, and confirm that all cannabis strains are what they say they are. As cannabis products begin to progress through different channels, it is important to be able to validate that the genetics are truly indeed what they say they are.

While many are not aware of it, there are some individuals that have allergic reactions to specific terpenes. If a product is labeled as something that it truly isn’t and someone with these allergies were to consume it inadvertently they could be exposed to a terpene that could cause issues.

BLOCKStrain has developed a Master Genome Strain Registration and Clone Strain Registration Program. They hope that it will provide transparency as well as actionable quality assurance for cannabis consumers and patients alike. LPS can complete the registration and by doing so they can provide assurance to their clientele.

How It Works

BLOCKStrain has been able to create this database by collecting plant data and genomic sequencing the plant batches. They have then registered all of this data into a blockchain enable database. This will not only allow for them to validate strains, but it also provides protection for their intellectual property. The molecular and chemical makeup that is gathered from each plant genome will be entered into the program and can be tracked via a quick response barcode specific to each plant.

According to Keith Merker, the CEO of WeedMD, they now “have a total of 40 active cannabis strains from their {our} genetics bank that will be marked with a block string certificate of authenticity and may be cross-referenced as verifiable strains in BLOCKStrain database all the way from genome to sell.”

The Benefits of this Database and Program

Like the CEO of BLOCKStrain, Robert Galarza stated: “for years consumers have been purchasing cannabis products with very little information on what exactly is being purchased.” “With BLOCKStrain, however, they can trace a strains’ origin as well as their CBD and THC content in addition to other pertinent information.”

He also went on to say in an interview with TheGrowthOp “With the unique technology of our Master Genome Strain and Clone registration program, producers can now guarantee their strains and provide customers with product assuredness.”

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