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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Space Case Grinder Review

Are you looking for a quality herb grinder?

The Space Case is one of the best we've tried.

Space Case is considered one of the top American herb grinder brands on the market due to the quality of their products.

Space Case grinders provide a fine grind which is crucial for drawing smooth breaths when smoking joints or blunts as a fine grind makes it easier for air to pass through. 

When it comes to vaporizing, as well, most vaporizers recommend using fine ground herbs to get the best performance, and the Space Case grinder does exactly that.

The Space Case grinder is the perfect grinder whether you've never owned one before, or whether your looking for a better grinder than the one you have.

It's the grinder we use on a daily basis, and we highly recommend it. Lets get into the review.


Space Case grinders are made of a premium Aluminum alloy coated with titanium that is particularly known for its resistance and strength.

It guarantees a durable, long-lasting grinder with sharper and stronger teeth. Not to mention that the titanium coating successfully provides good protection for the grinder’s surface and gives it the ‘Space Case’ signature look. 

The titanium also makes the inner surfaces of the grinder remarkably smooth which means that less buds and grounds would stick to the sides thus, saving time on cleaning the compartments and saving money by not wasting any grounds. 


Space Case grinders are designed to be efficient yet, convenient as well as easy to use. They are made to fit perfectly into the palm of your hand and they are also significantly light weight, barely exceeding 450 grams.

The Space Case grinders are available in three different sizes; small, medium and large. 

Each model has its own benefits, the two pieces one is cheaper and smaller in size due to being comprised of only two pieces – as the name suggests – making it quite a simple gadget. However, with simplicity comes a sacrifice, the two piece grinder does not contain a kief collection compartment. 

Unlike the four-piece grinder which, despite being slightly more expensive, is equipped with a high-quality screen designated to separate kief particles from the grounds. 

Regardless of the number of pieces the grinder has, it will always operate smoothly because its O-rings are made of Teflon which reduces friction between layers.

One last design feature that's considered essential when it comes to grinders is the magnetic lid. It keeps the container sealed to prevent buds from spilling in your pocket.


When it comes to efficiency, Space Case grinders are one of the most efficient in the market. With incredibly rigid, diamond shaped teeth, grinding herbs is as easy as twisting a lid – literally. 

Moreover, the middle compartment is designed to be able to take in large amounts of herb so, you will be able to not only grind, but also store bigger amounts than you would have with other grinders. Besides the walls not allowing anything to stick on them, the teeth don’t blunt with time because of their titanium coating.

Where To Buy

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  • Grinds herbs finely

  • Made of high quality materials

  • Doesn't get jammed


  • Slightly expensive


In order for this to be an honest review, we have to cover up all aspects of the product which also means the disadvantages.

For Space Case grinders, some may consider $75 and up a bit too expensive for a grinder. On the other hand, most users seem to be satisfied and convinced that buying it is a long-term investment due to the fact that it lasts for years and the teeth don’t break or dull.

So, instead of buying one or two every year, just buy a Space Case and take it with you to your grave.


As you can see, Space Case is quite the excellent brand. In fact, its existence raised the bar for all grinder manufacturers. It pushed them to improve their products in order to stay in the competition which they succeeded in by providing great quality for a competitive price. But, keep in mind that Space Case is the original source of grade-A grinders; they pay attention to details and are extremely good when it comes to using alloys and chemically enhanced materials to provide good quality. 

To give a final count of the best qualities of Space Case grinders, they are scratch proof, their parts turn smoothly while you exert almost no effort whatsoever. Also, if you like aluminum dust with your grounds or if you like emptying your pockets from spilled grounds, you will be disappointed as these are not options when using Space Case's.

To sum up, Space Case grinders are perfect for people who like to travel a lot or who just enjoy a generally mobile lifestyle. In spite of their price, remember that you are paying for relationship material. However, if you are more of the one-night stand type, then it would be better to stick with cheaper grinders.

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