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Best Dry Herb Vaporizers For Marijuana

Best Dry Herb Vaporizers for Weed:
My Top 10 Picks

Vaporizing is without a doubt one of the best ways to consume marijuana, or any other "dry herbs" for that matter. An issues many consumers face is choosing the right vaporizer, from the hundreds of models available on the market.

This is where I come in.

I've been vaping marijuana for almost a decade and have went through countless different models over the years.

As you can maybe tell from the library of vaporizer reviews scattered among this website.

Below I've created a list of my favorite dry herb vaporizers both portable and desktops.

In this article, I've done my best to include a plethora of my favorite marijuana vaporizers to suit the needs of each and every one of you. 

Whether you're looking for something that won't break the bank, or you want the best weed vaporizer that money can buy, I've included a bunch of vaporizers to suit all different needs.

No matter what your budget is, or whether you're looking for a desktop vaporizer or a portable, I've got you covered.

Unlike virtually all other top 10 vaporizer lists you'll find, each of the vaporizers listed below is a product that I have actually tested myself.

They are all products that I can stand behind with confidence.

Without wasting anymore of your time, lets get into my favorite vaporizers for weed.

My Top 10 Picks




Ideal for Beginners

  • check

    Simple and easy to use

  • check

    Good quality vapor

  • check




Most Advanced Portable

  • check

    Excellent vapor quality

  • check

    Simple to use



Very Modern Design

  • check


  • check

    Modern and ergonomically designed

  • check

    Simple to use

  • check

    Very portable



Best Cheap Desktop Vaporizer

  • check

    Closest contender to the Volcano at a fraction of the price

  • check

    Whip & bag compatible

  • check

    Durable and simple to use

  • check

    Intensely satisfying



My Favorite Portable Vaporizer

  • check

    Very user friendly

  • check

    High quality materials

  • check

    Extended battery life



The iPhone of Vaporizers

  • check

    Automatically shuts down when not in use

  • check

    Bluetooth controlled via smartphone app

  • check

    Long battery life



The Volcano

The #1 Desktop Vaporizer

  • check

    The highest quality desktop vaporizer

  • check

    Best vapor quality in the business

  • check

    Outstanding for sharing between friends



My Favorite Desktop Vaporizer

  • check

    Much cheaper than other desktop vapes

  • check

    Perfect for sharing

  • check

    Amazing vapor quality

  • check

    Easy to use



The Original Whip Style Vaporizer 

  • check

    Fast heat up time

  • check

    Very rich flavor

  • check

    Reasonable price tag

  • check

    Modern design



The Silver Surfer's Older Brother

  • check

    Extremely visually interesting

  • check

    LED mood lights enhance the experience

  • check

    Mid to high range vapor quality

  • check

    Air filtration system included



Atmos Vicod 5G (2nd Gen)

The Atmos Vicod 5G is the ideal dry herb vaporizer for those who want a no nonsense dry herb vaporizer. The Vicod 5G is a simple, easy to use vaporizer that can be turned on and used very quickly. The device has no customization or mobile app connectivity settings, and although that might come as a turnoff for some, it makes using the device very simple and effortless, you buy a vaporizer, you get a vaporizer. It tries to hit all of the bases without going unnecessarily in depth.

The 5G has an average-sized ceramic oven that can be used solo or shared with about three people comfortably, along with great tasting, quality vapor that can usually be found in high-end vaporizers. You're paying for the extra features in those though, not added quality, Vicod does great. The Atmos Vicod 5G is a very simple but effective device that produces a high quantity of vapor for half the price of most vaporizers that can chuck clouds as well.


  • Can be turned on quickly

  • Good vapor quality

  • Very affordable


  • No customization or mobile app connectivity settings

DaVinci IQ

DaVinci's creations tend to top the charts each year they are released. The IQ is no different. On the outside, the DaVinci IQ looks and feels amazing, each iteration becomes more futuristic than the last. Additionally, the vaporizer’s performance is excellent. The DaVinci is simple enough to use for those who have little experience with vaporizers, but is still powerful enough for use by experienced users. The Zirconia air path found within the vaporizer is built to help keep the vapor cool as it comes out of the vaporizer as this device has a relatively short vapor path. While it definitely does help in that regard and eliminates the need for a drawing tube, it aids in the production of thick, rich vapor as well.

The DaVinci IQ allows you to customize its temperature settings according to your preferences. With its patented Smart Path Technology, you can make sure to get optimal sessions from your device. DaVinci is one of the few manufacturers I've bought from who actually introduce something innovative when they tack on "Technology" to what seems like simple concepts. The DaVinci IQ also has Bluetooth and a smartphone app, so you can control everything by simply accessing the app from your phone. If you’re a tech buff and enjoy new gadgets, the DaVinci IQ is the vaporizer for you. Can you imagine telling Cheech & Chong in the '70s that people would use miniature computers to customize their marijuana experience?


  • Very simple to use

  • Customizable temperature settings

  • Smart Path Technology


  • The oven requires frequent cleaning

  • Draw resistance is non-ideal

G Pen Elite

The producer of the G Pen Elite, Grenco Science, is one of the most well known vaporizer companies out there, thanks to all of the press associated with hooking up with Snoop Dogg. It helps that the G-Pen was one of the first pen style vaporizers that was worth the money. Times have changed and so has the G Pen, now calling itself the G Pen Elite. I've eagerly awaited modernization of the G Pen and the Elite came pretty far.

Now that the Elite is on the market, it’s evident that it was worth the wait. The G Pen Elite comes with an array of advanced functions that make the device simple to use while still allowing for more advanced functionality. Its ergonomic design allows it to naturally complement the human had, giving it a great feel that isn't awkward. The G Pen Elite is coupled with an LED display that displays all the information you may need, like heat setting and remaining battery life. The vaporizer offers a temperature range of 200 to 428 degrees Fahrenheit. You can change the temperature according to your personal preferences and needs.

Additionally, the device heats up quite fast; it can reach up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit in just thirty seconds. Internally, the G Pen Elite contains a large 0.75-gram ceramic chamber. Another great feature of the G Pen Elite is that it includes a thin grinder that can really come in handy at times when you need to prepare your loose leaf, as finely ground cannabis suits the G Pen Elite the best. To sum up, the G Pen Elite is a fantastic portable vaporizer that is well-priced and is great for those who want wonderful performance paired with and ease of use.


  • Very simple to use

  • Desirable vapor quality

  • Ergonomically designed

  • Adjustable temperature settings


  • Slightly expensive

Arizer Extreme Q

Desktop vaporizers offer a lot of advantages compared to handhelds, most of which is that nearly all of the energy can be poured into making sure high amounts of the best possible vapor can be produced. Portable vaporizers are limited by their power sources that need to be a balance of powerful and high capacity, and because of their small size usually have a limited herb chamber.

The DaVinci IQ took the idea to heart. The same people who've made some of the best portable vaporizers also have a great line of desktop vapes that I use to this day. The IQ seeks to deliver a top of the line experience that is still affordable to the average user. It's around a third of the price of a Volcano vaporizer and offers about 80% of what the Volcano can offer as far as raw industrial grade vapor production.

Entire bags of vapor can be filled and passed around between a full room of friends or you can suck on the whip attachment to feel like you're in the womb of a ganja goddess getting your fix right from the source. It's easy to use as it has an LCD screen and four buttons that control all of the other relevant features. If I was the type of person to have a study somewhere in my house, this thing would be where ever intellectuals would normally put a globe.


  • Affordable despite being top of the line

  • Comes with a remote control

  • Comes with cleaning accessories

  • Fast preheating


  • Has fragile glass parts

  • Takes a bit to fully fill a balloon

  • Requires semi-frequent cleaning

Firefly 2

Up next on the list is the Firefly 2. This vaporizer is absolutely stellar for vaporizing dry herb, but it will work perfectly with thick oil concentrate as well as waxes as well. The Firefly 2 has a fire button, which is the only way you can start the vaporizing process. The advantage of this feature is that it causes less odor to be emitted from the device, since heating only occurs on command. The feature also significantly extends battery life. For this reason, I pick my Firefly 2 when I need to squeeze every second of usable battery life into my day or weekend.

The Firefly 2 is a bit of a workhorse as far as vaporizers or, it's almost in a class of it's own as an e-pipe or something like that In other words, the device is the 4-wheel drive, heavy duty pick-up truck of portable vaporizers. Although the Firefly’s weight might be considered a setback by some, its bulkiness feels good in the hand, like a durable and quality piece of tech. In terms of its vapor, you can rest assured that the Firefly’s vapor is perfectly clean and full of flavor due to the borosilicate glass vapor pathway.  Glass pathway vapes deliver little to no added flavor, so you know precisely what your herb tastes like.

I consider the Firefly 2 a vaporizer pipe because it heats up almost instantly while providing up to ten fully packed, fully cooked bowls of flavorful, clean vapor. It’s also quite easy to refill and is uncomplicated to clean and maintain. Although the Firefly’s price might be a little high, you can be certain that it’s worth the price you’ll pay due to its durability, ease of use, and high quality.


  • Incredible vapor quality

  • Includes 2 removable batteries

  • Easy setting via mobile app

  • Portable and concealable


  • Expensive

  • Not the largest chamber around

Pax 3

Pax Labs, the creator of the Pax 3 is a technology company based in Silicon Valley, so these guys probably worked a good few tech start-ups before they decided to put their eggs into the vaporizing basket. Thanks to it's ingenious design, the Pax 3 comes packed with technological advances more typical of consumer appliances than drug paraphernalia. For instance, when not in use, the Pax 3 will automatically shut down and restart again when you pick it up to use it. It's great for dry herb but the option for concentrates is there with the Pax 3.

The Pax 3 also offers other high-tech features such as Bluetooth, haptic feedback, and a smartphone app that can be used to control its settings in an extremely precise manner. The Pax 3’s lip-sensing technology increases the devices efficiency by activating the heat when the device is brought near the lips and deactivating it when the device is removed, thankfully they made sure this feature is actually good at what it does before shipping it. This allows the device to save up battery life. Not only is the Pax 3 remarkably easy to use, it's gone the way of sleek Apple-esque products as many other vaporizers have.

What's going on underneath the hood? Well, the Pax 3 has a 3500mAH battery and heat-up time of only fifteen seconds! The Pax 3 has been called the “iPhone of Vaporizers” for its marvelous design, ease of use, functionality, and great aesthetic. For those of you who want a small, sleek portable vaporizer, then the Pax 3 is the device for you.


  • Great tasting vapor

  • Can be easily customized

  • Easy to use with vibrations and LEDs for quick feedback


  • Slightly expensive

  • It isn't the be-all-end-all vaporizer

The Volcano

Surprising since it's been around probably for something a decade, no other desktop vape has came close to actually dethroning the Volcano as the best desktop vaporizer of all time.

It's closer to a commercial piece of equipment than it is a personal vaporizer. By that I mean someone could easily run a stand where they sell bags of awesome vapor produced by a Volcano in the back of a converted ice cream van. Man, now that'd be a good day at the beach.

The only prohibitive thing about the Volcano is that it is one of the most expensive vaporizers, but that's the price you pay for the cream of the crop. At least it's extremely durable and well made, I'd hate it if this thing ever broke due to mine or my friend's clumsiness or misuse, it's very forgiving. This isn't something you buy and think "Eh, big whoop," because it whoops you in the ass more than much else. It's reputation should speak for itself, but I will be one of the thousands of stoners out there who will agree that the Volcano is the best desktop vaporizer of all time.


  • Vapor production & quality cannot be beat

  • Extremely shareable when used with bags

  • Extremely long lifespan, never even heard of one breaking through normal use


  • Very expensive

Vapir Rise 2.0

Another great desktop vaporizer is none other than the Vapir Rise 2.0. It is compatible with both bags and whip attachments and is one of the more affordable desktop vaporizers that aims to provide as close to the Volcano experience as it can without draining your wallet.

The Rise 2.0 improved on it's predecessor in that the fan that blows the vaporizer out can be turned off and on at will, allowing the user to suck it through a whip attachment themselves or let the bud season for a few seconds before allowing the vapor to begin flowing.

Added temperature controls mean a wide range of temperatures can be serviced for those who like choosing a more subtle or a more in your face high depending on how they may feel on a particular day.

To summarize, the Vapir Rise 2.0 is the best desktop vaporizer when all factors such as price, vapor quality, build quality, ease of use, and ease of sharing are all factored in. What I'm trying to say is this is the best all around choice if you're trying to get as far as you can in as many of those attributes as possible.


  • Above average vapor quality

  • User friendly

  • Best price to quality ratio of all desktop vaporizers


  • Some complain that 420 F is much too low of a maximum temperature

Silver Surfer

While the Volcano made bag-style desktop vaporizers en vogue, some manufacturers have decided to focus on devices meant to be used with a whip attachment.

The Silver Surfer is perfect for a hookah type experience in the leisure of an inside of doors environment, except instead of harsh shisha smoke you're inhaling smooth, crisp vapor with all of the flavor compounds intact. I attribute the highly delectable vapor to the ceramic heating chamber, because it's either that or some kind of gypsy magic.

The Silver Surfer went for a very unique all aluminum exterior design and is operated through the use of a temperature knob. A knob is less precise than digital options, but I find the process a lot more approachable than trying to figure out if there really is a difference in vaping experience by just adjusting the temperature by a few degrees precisely.

Overall, the Silver Surfer is a very quick to use vaporizer that seldom leaves me unsatisfied. Make sure your plant matter is properly ground up to avoid any frustrating sessions where you just can't stretch your herb as far as you know it can go.


  • Stylish in appearance

  • The best whip style vaporizer in my arsenal as far as raw vapor quality

  • Large sized herb chamber,

  • Great quality vapor for the price tag


  • Slow draw technique needs to be perfected to fully enjoy this vape

Super Surfer

The Super Surfer functions as a more precise and technical piece of equipment compared to it's younger brother, the Silver Surfer.

I suppose many enjoyed what the Silver Surfer had to offer but wished for the more complex features of other desktop vaporizers, and so the Super Surfer was born. Now bags can be used as well as whip, so now a fan controlled by a knob has been added, this knob is directly beside the temperature knob. 

Now that vaporizers are becoming increasingly advanced, manufacturers are looking for new ways to stand out among other products. This vaporizer has added customizable mood lights to help create that '60s drug den vibe that imparts a very chill atmosphere to the room, I personally like it a lot.

Where else is the Super Surfer different? There's now an air filtration system that prevents any material in the heating chamber from making it's way through the whip and into your mouth. Lovely.

Basically, if you’re looking for a great desktop vape made from stylish aluminum that provides enough vapor to keep an elephant stoned, give the Super Surfer a try.


  • Very attractive design

  • Comes with extras

  • Customizable air flow

  • No plant matter reaches the user's mouth


  • Glass knobs reduce durability

  • Knobs mean temperature cannot be set precisely

The Rise of Vaping Marijuana

Vaping, whether using a dry herb vaporizer or e-cigarettes, has become very popular in the last few years. This has mostly occurred due to the rise of studies such as those funded by Cancer Research UK, which have reported that vaporizing causes fewer long-term health risks than regular smoking. 

While the jury is still out on just how significant the long term effects are, most users do report increased lung function. Many people are now turning to vaping for a much more milder effect on their respiratory system compared to combusting material.

Since the demand has risen, so has the need for manufacturers to release products worth their salt and that fit the needs of users based on how they actually use these kinds of products. There is an abundance of vaporizer options to choose from now, with aspects like discreetness as well as power being at the forefront of the marijuana vaporizer industry. For most people, after switching to using a good portable vaporizer that is both convenient and reliable, it’s hard to go back to burning weed full time.

But less scrupulous manufacturers have also began to cash in on the dry herb craze. In fact, there's one vaporizer who's name escapes me out there sold by four different companies that is the exact same product from China just rebranded for each company, they all function nearly exactly the same. Because of this, I found the need to list the good ones somewhere people can find the information. Not only are bad vaporizers just plain old ineffective, they toe the line as to what is considered "safe" to an uncomfortable degree.

The Benefits of Vaporizing Weed

Dry herb vaporizers have become one of the quickest advancing technologies in the world of cannabis consumption. Before the creation and rise of vaporizers, cannabis users were forced to combust their material directly, whether by inhaling it through a joint, bong, or a pipe. With the rise of medicinal patients who want the benefits of cannabis without harsh smoke, vaporizers are dominating a large portion of the marijuana piece market share

Vaporizers not only keep the user from experiencing the harsh side effects of the direct burning of cannabis, but they also do a better job at delivering THC than any other method. Instead of burning the herb, vaporizers evaporate or vaporize the cannabinoids into a smooth vapor, and specific temperatures can be set to determine which compounds the user would prefer to receive the most of.

The previously mentioned vaporizer reviews were written with the intent of making choosing the right vaporizer easier. By going through these reviews, it should be easier for you to choose the kind of vaporizer you need based on overall quality, performance, ease of use, as well as price. Each different vaporizer sports different types of customization settings and controls, allowing you to set up your vaporizer the way you want it. Depending on how often you want to put your vape to use, you should consider how much you're willing to spend.

Ideally, look for getting as much battery life and quality performance as you can for your dollar, the rest is all for treating yourself.


Hopefully if you made it this far, you have a rough idea of which dry herb vaporizer will best suit your needs. If not, please comment down below what you're looking for, and I will do my best to help you.

I'd also just love to hear your feedback, so don't hesitate to comment down below!

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