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Monday, November 11, 2019

Result – New – Colorado

Results are based on relevance, according to your medical condition and availability of our listed doctors.

Great News…
You can get your MMJ Card in less than 30 minutes with Veriheal. We have also scheduled for you an appointment. Please click on “Go to Veriheal” to continue and receive your MMJ Card.



Recent Reviews

I was very skeptical at first, especially as I don’t use computers much. But living where I live it’s hard to get to a doctor. The process was easy and I finished everything in one session. The doctor was very comforting and gave me a card immediately. It’s really helping with my arthritis.
Samuel J

After reading this review, I decided to give it a shot. I continued to their site and clicked on the “Get Started” button. It was all pretty simple and Veriheal were available even when I got stuck. The doctor was extremely pleasant and the whole process took around 35 minutes. I am not a computer geek, so it probably took me longer.
Harry S

The whole process was quick and painless. I didn’t need to sit in a nasty waiting room for 2 hours.

The process was smooth and the doctors answered all my questions quickly and thoroughly. From start to finish the whole process took around 20 mins.
Mia M

I was about to pay $300 for my card until I found Veriheal. Picked up a rec for much less. Great service and super speed
Brian Pauls

I was a bit hesitant at first but it was well worth it. It was really easy to do and after 20 mins I had my rec. Thanks for all the support and helping me deal with my pain.

Busy like me? If you are busy like me, you may be thinking that you have to jump through tons of hoops to get help. Not in my case. I am so used to taking care of things for everyone else, I almost cried at how Veriheal took care of me. Thank you so very much. I won’t have to suffer in pain on a holiday weekend and I cannot believe I suffered needlessly for so long. You guys are lifesavers!

I’m was a first time user. I signed up and entered all my details. The process isn’t long and after a few steps I was hooked up. Their service is kind of like the Uber for weed.

My experience was pretty smooth. I signed up on their site and passed over all my details. I was immediately connected to a medical doctor for an evaluation. I am not very good with computers but the process was pretty straight forward. After a few questions I was done. The doctor was very pleasant and also gave me some good advise about my sleeping problems. Would use Veriheal again.

I had tried getting a recommendation through my primary doctor a few times and my old-fashioned doctor simply wouldn’t give it. Veriheal really solved my problem. It was quick, easy and I had my recommendation in less than 20 minutes

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