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Thursday, June 4, 2020

Medical Mass | Cannabis Strain Review

Medical Mass Strain Overview

A pure, pleasant strain with a beautiful blend of cannabinoids, the Medical Mass is a strain that everyone should keep on hand.


Common usage
Chronic pain


Growing info
Surprisingly simple to grow, this strain doesn’t really require any kind of specialized knowledge to grow yourself.





Finding the perfect cannabis strain for your needs is no easy task. With all the different options, from sativa or indica genetics to cannabinoid content, it seems like there are a million and one options to choose from.

While many people would like to think that all cannabis strains are alike, their effects and flavors are as diverse as their names. Depending on your reason for using cannabis, you likely need to find a particular strain for your needs.

Those suffering from any kind of medical issue will likely want a strain with a blended cannabinoid profile, which is pretty hard to get hold of.

One great strain with this description is the Medical Mass strain, but there isn’t really a great deal of information out there. So, here is everything you need to know about the Medical Mass cannabis strain.

What Is the Medical Mass Marijuana Strain?

The Mass family of strains is well known for its balanced hybrid profile, as well as its potent effects. However, the full THC load of its primary parent, Critical Mass, has been altered by the Royal Madre strain. This has created something that is far more balanced in terms of cannabinoid content.

The Medical Mass strain is an unusual blend of two rare strains, creating something that not a lot of people have ever really had the chance to try. However, it has a wide range of unique and exciting effects, plus its own unique flavor profile, which makes it definitely worth trying.

Medical Mass is famous for having an initially mild and almost unnoticeable effect. Its results will descend on you slowly but steadily, filling you with a deep and nourishing relaxation, along with plenty of happiness.

The calm that also comes with this strain is pleasant but is not so strong as to induce drowsiness like many indica strains.

It is truly a quintessential calming, hybrid cannabis strain, giving you a vast range of different calming and pleasant feelings. Expect to find that all of your problems and stressors have totally faded away.

The well-balanced cannabinoid content means that you won’t find any particular effect to be overpowering or domineering. Ultimately, Medical Mass has the ability to seem like it isn’t really doing anything, while still leaving you feeling soothed and pleasant all day long.


The initial aroma of the Medical Mass strain is flowery and vaguely sweet. Many people describe it as smelling a bit like fresh clover honey. However, there is also the right amount of gentle herbaceousness, a bit like the smell of freshly picked lavender.

There is also just a hint of the skunkiness that is evident within this strain’s history, giving it an especially tasty aroma profile that is almost comforting for those used to that kind of aroma.

A little bit of pine also lingers in your nose, giving it even more of an in-depth and richly appreciable flavor profile.


The flavor of Medical Mass smoke is quite rich and similar to its aroma. You will feel like your mouth has suddenly been flushed with honey, covering your tongue in sweetness. The same touch of pine and smoky skunk will also enrich your taste buds, reminiscent of a classic marijuana strain from decades ago.

All combined, the Medical Mass strain has a charming and sweet flavor profile. It tastes almost like a snack, with a rich, smoky, and delicious flavor that some people enjoy just for its taste alone.

The smoke is remarkably clear and not too cloying, making it super easy to smoke as much of it as you want without any acridity.


The buds of the Medical Mass cannabis strain are extremely pretty, with bright green coloration. There are a few orange-yellow hairs that indicate the great flavor to come.

True to form, this strain’s potent cannabinoid content is made clear with its generous coating of white trichomes. In fact, Medical Mass looks like a typical cannabis strain, which is in no way a bad thing.

It looks exactly like what you’d expect from a cannabis bud, inviting you to enjoy it.

Medical Mass Marijuana Strain Grow Info

The Medical Mass cannabis strain is an excellent choice for those without a lot of growing experience, as the only real difficulty is finding some Medical Mass marijuana strain seeds. As it is a rare strain, you might find some initial problem in trying to locate some seeds. However, if you can find a friendly and reliable grower making some, you might be able to snag a clone.

The Medical Mass strain grows quite short, making it exceptionally manageable for those that prefer to grow indoors. It doesn’t need a lot of space, so you can either keep it in cramped confines or simply grow a lot more of it, giving you a much higher yield.

Oddly enough, Medical Mass has a tendency to grow much taller if grown outdoors, though it still gives about the same yield.

It has a reasonably fast flowering time of about eight weeks and doesn’t really require any kind of specialized attention or knowledge to grow it right. In fact, the only thing you might consider doing is trimming the very tops of the plant off, as this allows for a more significant yield. Just cut the top off the new growth, allowing it to fork and grow sideways rather than tall.   

Other than that, Medical Mass is an easy and enjoyable strain to grow for yourself. It is possibly one of the best ones to grow at home for inexperienced growers.

THC Content – Highest Test

The Medical Mass cannabis strain is well known for its surprisingly balanced cannabinoid profile, offering up the benefits of both THC and CBD together. A big part of its attraction is the fact that it doesn’t offer an intense cannabinoid dose, so you won’t feel overwhelmed.

To that end, the Medical Mass strain offers about 10% THC content. This means it won’t leave you feeling overwhelmed, though you can still experience a small high.

CBD Content – Highest Test

The Medical Mass strain is perhaps best known as an effective CBD strain. You can expect to find that most examples of Medical Mass have between 10% and 11% CBD content, making it a super well-balanced strain.

When you get a strain with such an excellent balance between the two cannabinoids, it only makes sense to expect a vast quantity of different helpful medical benefits.

Medical Benefits of the Medical Mass Marijuana Strain

When a strain is called Medical Mass, it makes sense that you can expect at least a few beneficial medical effects.

As might be expected, Medical Mass’ high CBD content makes it overwhelmingly useful to treat pretty much every condition that CBD can help with. This means that things like glaucoma, anxiety, arthritis, or anything to do with inflammation can be quickly helped.

Furthermore, many people use Medical Mass to help treat epilepsy, alongside a myriad of other conditions.

Furthermore, the pleasant combination of different cannabinoids in the Medical Mass strain makes it great for dealing with all kinds of mental issues. If you struggle with things like depression or stress, then Medical Mass can help it practically melt away.

It is pretty much impossible to struggle with mental health when you have the right amount of Medical Mass on hand. Any feelings of inadequacy or discomfort will pretty much melt away after you smoke the right amount of this mild strain.

Possible Side Effects of the Medical Mass Marijuana Strain

All cannabis strains offer up at least some side effects as part of enjoying them, simply due to the nature of cannabinoids. You can’t help but feel a little bit overwhelmed by the cannabinoids found in most strains, so side effects are to be expected.

However, the exciting thing about the Medical Mass strain is that it has a balanced THC and CBD content. This means that it is near impossible actually to suffer any kind of significant side effects. The CBD helps to balance out the effects of the THC, ensuring that your nervous system doesn’t become overwhelmed or irritated during your high.

You will likely experience at least dry mouth and dry eyes, but that is pretty much par for the course whenever you enjoy cannabis. Keep this abated by drinking plenty of water.

Other than that, some people report a slight uptick in headaches after smoking a good deal of this strain. However, this will only ever happen if you smoke far too much at once. Your endocannabinoid system can only really handle so many cannabinoids, after all. As long as you limit the amount you are smoking at any one time, you should be fine.

Final Thoughts on the Medical Mass Marijuana Strain

Few strains are bred with the express purpose of offering up potent medical benefits, and even fewer do so with an equal mix of THC and CBD, but Medical Mass somehow manages it.

Offering up a decent dose of both CBD and THC, the Medical Mass strain can cater to all kinds of cannabis lovers. You can still get high off the limited THC, but also never feel overwhelmed or in any way discomforted by smoking too much.

As long as you are being conscious of the amount you are imbibing at any one time, expect to find this tasty strain super easy to get on with and enjoy.

Keep it on hand for treating mental problems and physical discomfort; it might just end up being the ultimate cure-all you need.

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