THC Talk

any good??

or shall i just stick with canna???

The latest trick for long-lasting make-up comes from Korea and requires a lot of overcoming. This raises the question: Would you imitate him? So that our make-up lasts long, we do a lot: From fixing...

confused about flushing

its my first grow and im about 8 days away from harvesting, ive read loads of sources and some are saying theres no point in flushing and unflushed buds are betters and some people are saying flushed...

lst gone wrong quick help needed

Hi all I tried to bend down my stem using the pinching technique but instead without realising I must of pulled instead causing a crack and o crap half snapped off today I woke up after last night...

How are my plants looking

White widow first grow 3rd day in flower also when should I feed last fed a week and a half ago

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