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Friday, June 14, 2019

The Daily dAB: A Quick Hit On Cannabis Stocks 02/28/17




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Cannabis stocks lost about half of Monday's gains and ended up 4.2% in February. 32% of the 56 stocks tracked here rose in price, with 8 double-digit percentage gainers and 1 double-digit percentage loser. The percentage of stocks with volume above the 30-day average was 27%, down from 39% in the prior session, with five stocks trading over $5mm in value. Three of the ten highest dollar-volume stocks rose in price as fifteen traded above $1mm. The 420 Investor Cannabis Stock Index decreased from 84.79 to 84.17, reflecting a change of +13.6% after a 88.8% gain in 2016. The index began 2013 at 100, 2014 at 159.1, 2015 at 130.7, 2016 at 39.25 and 2017 at 74.10.

This table, which has a goal of including the most actively traded names (with a minimum price of $0.001), includes dual-listed tickers ACBFF, AGSTF, APHQF, BLOZF, EMMBF, GRPOF, MGWFF, MRPHF, NWGFF, OGRMF, SPLIF, SPRWF, THCBF and TWMJF, and thus is not reflective of all the trading activity in those tickers.


Stocks moving more than 5% on more than $500k in volume included Vapor Group (VPOR), Rising India (RSII), Singlepoint (SING), Mentor Capital (MNTR), Cannabics (CNBX) and Mountain High Acquistion Co (MYHI) to the upside and mCig (MCIG), Vitality Bio (VBIO) and Canopy Growth (TWMJF) to the downside. 



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