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These 6 Reasons Make Having a Medical Marijuana Card in 2018 a No-Brainer

medical marijuana card 2018

medical marijuana card 2018

After last November’s vote, to the delight of many Californians, Prop 64 passed. The freedom to buy recreational cannabis lies on the horizon. Naturally, you’re probably wondering, “is it still worth getting a medical cannabis card in 2018?”

As you’ll see here, there are still several reasons why it’s definitely worth getting your NuggMD prescription.

1. Recreational Weed’s Availability Remains Uncertain

As is the case with any large-scale legal change, establishing the ins-and-outs is a long and slow process. Currently a lot of the aspects of legalization are up in the air, including administration, licensing and regulation. Finalizing these complications will likely stretch out far past that January first date, so the day when you can walk into a recreational weed shop and buy cannabis remains unknown.

Suppliers will have to meet a brand new set of expectations, meaning you might have to research and travel far to find a licensed commercial cannabis retailer—assuming they’re legit. Several “64 friendly” dispensaries have prematurely popped up all over Cali, so enter at your own risk of committing a crime.

Or you can skip this trouble altogether with a medical cannabis card before 2018 to reliably access over 1,000 California medical cannabis shops and Nugg’s medical marijuana delivery without hurdles, uncertainty or prosecution!

2. Save Lots of Cash

Another incentive to hang onto your MMJ card in 2018? Financial preservation! In many states with varying degrees of legalization medical marijuana sales are taxed much less than recreational, meaning you save 14-20% by becoming a medicinal cannabis patient in 2018. It really adds up over time, especially if you medicate regularly. These savings should be reason enough to become a patient.

3. More Product Variety

Medical marijuana’s seemingly limitless product selections far exceed recreational marijuana. There are a plethora of strains, too many to count, with their own THC:CBD ratios and specific properties that lend themselves to specific uses and benefits. But flower is just the beginning. Find the best vape oil cartridges, concentrates, edibles, drinkables, topicals and tinctures using NuggMD.

4. Grow More Marijuana Plants

For those who dwell in cities where medical dispensaries are a dime a dozen, the most convenient option may be to grow your own. Under the new law, the recreational user is only allowed six plants for personal use. Medicinal cannabis card holders will have the luxury of cultivating 100 square feet of medical marijuana plants. If you have access to that kind of space and live far from any decent medical shops,or simply want to try being in control of your own product,a medical marijuana card in 2018 is a must.

Interested in cultivating dozens of plants for a more serious, chronic condition? Ask the doc about getting a growers license in California.

5. Peace of Mind

Even in the most liberal states, there’s a stigma surrounding cannabis and, by proximity, those who use it. That might make you afraid to have marijuana outside of the house. Not anymore. A medicinal weed card gives you protection from police fines and arrest, as long as you’re not carrying, transporting or growing an excessively enormous amount.

medicinal cannabis cards 2018

6. Get Your Medicinal Marijuana Card Before 2018

Don’t research “medical marijuana evaluations near me” but instead go to NuggMD, the leading cannabis telemedicine evaluation platform, for your weed card. Be examined live by a qualified 420 doctor from home. You only need to be at least 18 years old (recreational is 21 and up) with a legit condition, an online connection and a webcam. The process takes about ten minutes but take longer if you need it.

NuggMD is the simplest and fastest way to get medical marijuana cards in 2018. Become a qualified patient right by clicking HERE!

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